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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 17:07

IMIX Americas Inc. recently announced that Munster Orthopaedic Institute, LLC has selected the IMIXIntuition digital radiography system with NovaRad's NovaPACS and the IMIXCube freestanding overhead tube crane for its new clinic in Munster, Indiana, opening November 2010. The facility, which will be used for patient exams, minor outpatient surgery and physical therapy, will have one radiography room to perform a growing number of x-ray exams starting at more than 50 per day. The practice selected the IMIXIntuition for its imaging speed, the positioning flexibility of its overhead tube crane without the need for unistrut, and its low ceiling height requirements. The system is integrated with NovaRad PACS and will be installed and serviced by RPS Imaging.

According to Dr. Jeffrey M. Tioco of Munster Orthopaedic Institute, "We evaluated every major CR and DR manufacturer and only IMIX provided the throughput benefits of DR and the flexibility of an overhead tube crane, yet is able to fit within our new facility's nine-foot ceilings." He added, "The IMIX system exceeded our specifications and we were pleasantly surprised at its affordability."

"We have been selling, installing and servicing X-ray products for more than 30 years, and I continue to be impressed with IMIX's innovative manufacturing and design approach," said IMIX Anchor Dealer David Price, President of RPS Imaging in Michigan City, Indiana. "We recommended this solution because only IMIX was able to successfully address the practical challenges Munster Orthopaedic faced in implementing DR."

The IMIXIntuition incorporates a motorized vertical stand and overhead tube crane that are fully servo-coupled to allow for hands-free positioning on upright exams. The tube and table have extended range of motion to facilitate patient positioning. This is a key consideration for facilities like Munster Orthopaedic Institute that work with elderly and injured patients or individuals with limited mobility. The system can be configured for either single or dual digital detectors. The IMIXCube is the first self-supporting overhead tube crane that provides the flexibility and positioning advantages of an overhead tube crane without the requirement of unistrut.

NovaPACS is NovaRad's turnkey PACS offering fast image retrieval, full-feature viewer with intuitive interface, and 7-year on-site archive with off site emergency back up. Full screen viewing, easy-to-use menus and mouse-based functions help enhance Reading efficiency.

About RPS Imaging
Since 1977, RPS has grown to be one of the leading independent radiology distributors in the Midwest. With a proven reputation of service, reliability and quality, RPS is a trusted, full service solution provider for customers throughout the Great Lakes Region, with offices in Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Detroit. RPS is the ideal choice for hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers, seeking complete radiology solutions to reduce costs, better utilize resources and improve workflow. RPS has in-house capabilities to support the full spectrum of radiology needs including; general radiology rooms, CR/DR systems; PACs networks; laser imagers; processors; viewers; digital medial archiving; MRI, CT, mammography and ultrasound equipment. For more information, visit www.rpsimaging.com.

About NOVARAD Corporation
For more than a decade, has filled the niche of providing a full range of affordable PACS, RIS, orthopedic, cardio and mammography systems, DR and peripherals to hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. NovaRad offers a subscription-pricing model that combines the department's image load with the number of radiology workstations required to determine low up-front fee with a fixed recurring monthly fee. In addition to NovaPRO, NovaRad offers NovaPACS, NovaRIS, NovaCardio PACS, NovaMG breast imaging viewer and ClinicPACS orthopedic PACS radiology technologies. Its systems are used by more than 650 facilities around the globe. For more information, visit www.novapacs.com

About IMIX Americas Inc.
IMIX Americas, located in Sterling, VA, provides complete, integrated digital radiography systems that meet clinical needs for high image quality, affordability, reliability, efficient workflow, and overall value. IMIX's fully interoperable products include CCD detectors with very high image quality and reliability. In addition, IMIX offers bucky mounted, tethered and wireless cassette TFT detectors for applications that require a thinner profile and positioning flexibility. The company manufactures industry-leading positioning devices, stands, tables, generators and software, which are fully integrated with its detector technology. IMIX systems are FDA approved and are configured, staged, and tested in IMIX facilities. IMIX Americas provides system sales through distributors and service organizations across North America and Latin America for use in hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and private practices of all sizes. For more information, visit www.imixadr.com.

SOURCE: IMIX Americas Inc.

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