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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 17:27

The weeks leading up to RSNA are always some of the most hectic for members of the imaging industry. They are also some of the most exciting.

This RSNA is particularly exciting for Novarad. Not only have we made some great strides in our user interface, but we have officially christened one of our greatest assets that we offer to customers, the Lifetime Upgrades program.

This year, Novarad will showcase greater usability within its zero-footprint HTML5 viewer, along with an enhanced product line built for seamless workflow. The latest version of the HTML5 viewer will introduce a more user-friendly layout for studies with greater organizational capabilities. With the addition of the native mammography viewer and advanced 3D tools inside the PACS, you can stop wasting time that would have been spent just switching programs, or using a different machine, even going to a different room. This has paved the way for our “seamless workflow” concept.

A seamless workflow[1] is achieved by designing a step-by-step process that passes from initiation to completion without the need to switch applications. It saves valuable time and processing power, eliminates the need for costly integrations, and for disparate software to communicate with each other.

Our seamless workflow is intended to help providers save time, avoid errors, and improve patient care. This is achieved through complete integration throughout our products, specifically the development of a native mammography hanging protocols, which will allow providers to read mammography studies without switching applications. Those interested in learning more about it may visit Novarad at RSNA, booth 8123 or visit www.novarad.net/novamg[2].

The Lifetime Upgrades program[3]:For the life of every Novarad contract, we include all Novarad software upgrades at no additional cost. What a concept. Access to so many customer requests turned into software features and other innovations. Those of you who have had other PACS systems understand what a great value this can be, especially when other companies are charging big numbers for forklift upgrades every three to five years for software that likely contains very little to none of your direct input. With Novarad, your products appreciate in value without added cost.

We’re excited to be visiting Chicago again, to meet new people and to mingle with old friends, so please stop by Booth 8123 [4]and visit us! Drop by for a chat, a demo, or just a cup of coffee among friends.


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