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Monday, 14 March 2016 09:29

- Enterprise Imaging is a single, completely unified imaging platform providing PACS, reporting, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information.
- Visual collaboration tools support Alliance Medical Ireland’s multi-site reporting model, while a distributed model allows a shared and remote reading and reporting workflow engine across facilities.
- Upgrade to the latest version of XERO zero-footprint image viewer enables viewing of multi-media images and reports, including the option of full-fidelity diagnostic view.

Agfa HealthCare announces today that it has signed a contract extension with Alliance Medical Ireland, to provide its Enterprise Imaging platform across six sites. The platform will be centralized at a single data center, offering a distributed model that provides high and reliable performance with a potentially reduced total cost of ownership. The agreement also includes the latest version of the XERO image viewer.

Smooth integration and shared workflow
Alliance Medical Ireland provides a broad range of imaging services, including MRI, CT, X-ray, DXA, Ultrasound, PET/CT and plain radiography. It has 19 scan sites throughout Ireland, both in hospitals and outside. An existing Agfa HealthCare customer, the organisation has already implemented both the IMPAX picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and the XERO zero-footprint viewer and Agfa’s Radiology Information System (RIS).

In August 2015, Alliance Medical Ireland and Agfa HealthCare signed an extension to the existing contract, to implement Enterprise Imaging across six Alliance Medical Ireland sites. The first site, the new Hillsborough Scan Centre in Northern Ireland, both opened and went live with Enterprise Imaging in December 2015. The other five sites will be live by April 2016.

The Enterprise Imaging platform is being hosted at a central data center. The distributed model using local proxies offers high and reliable performance for all the sites over a relatively low bandwidth, while allowing a shared and remote reading and reporting workflow engine across facilities. The platform also integrates with Alliance Medical Ireland’s existing Agfa HealthCare RIS and business intelligence solutions. Enterprise Imaging Business Intelligence allows easy access to a wealth of information in the form of reports and tools that provide historical, current and predictive views of operations.

A single, unified platform across sites
Agfa HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging platform offers a care-centric workflow that is standards-based, improves interoperability and enables a comprehensive patient health record within a single facility or between multiple facilities. This completely unified imaging solution includes a PACS, reporting, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information, all in one sophisticated platform. Visual online collaboration tools include chat, share and more. Organizing and participating in multi-disciplinary meetings and clinical conferences is straightforward and efficient.

The XERO zero-download viewer reduces IT complexity while facilitating clinical collaboration and mobility. It provides secure access to DICOM and non-DICOM imaging data from multiple sources, in one view, to autorized users. By speeding up and enhancing image retrieval by care providers, it increases productivity as well as patient and staff satisfaction, while clinical and specialty measurement tools enhance the clinical depth.

Easy roll-out and updates
“By implementing a single Enterprise Imaging platform centrally, we can provide an easy roll-out and updates for Alliance Medical Ireland, with the potential for reduced total cost of ownership in both IT and management,” comments Grant Witheridge, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Agfa HealthCare.

“The Enterprise Imaging platform is an excellent fit with our organisation: images are taken at any of our scan centers, and reported on by our team of radiologists from various locations,” says Ellen Leacy, Quality and Processes Manager, Alliance Medical Ireland. “The flexible workflows and distributed model of Enterprise Imaging allow a mix of home- and site-based reporting, supported by the collaboration tools we need.”

Paul Jackson
Marketing Manager UK, Agfa HealthCare
T:+44(0)79 1870 8843 - E paul.jackson[.]agfa.com.

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