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CARESTREAM PACS secures efficiencies and profitability at the independent clinical hospital Adama Grucy in Poland PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 13:28

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - (HealthTech Wire / News) - A CARESTREAM PACS was installed at the orthopaedic facility of the Independent Clinical Hospital Adama Grucy, The Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education in Otwock, Poland three years ago and today the hospital depends on its robust technology to maintain a significant throughput of radiological examinations. In 2009 these amounted to over 93,000 with 7,700 orthopaedic operations carried out and these figures continue to grow, with the hospital averaging 260 examinations per day during 2010.

“Our main reason for choosing the PACS from Carestream Health was its high functionality and intuitive user platform. We continue to believe that this was a good choice because the system has worked well for 3 years without major problems,” said Slawomir Chaberek, Director of the Technical Department at Adama Grucy Hospital.

Physicians at the hospital also rate the CARESTREAM PACS positively, enjoying the intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The clinical team needed only general training on the system, which is currently being used in examination rooms, operating theatres and clinical briefings.

Adama Grucy Hospital is now running the latest version 11 of CARESTREAM PACS, featuring 3D reconstruction and ORTHOVIEW™ Orthopaedic Digital Imaging that enables surgeons to spend time scrutinising results to ensure that the right decisions are made prior to surgery. “The system is operating well and is easy to use, the high functionality and collaboration with other systems and devices is its trump card and attention should be drawn to its ability to plan orthopaedic prostheses supported by the OrthoView System - very useful tools in the work of our orthopaedists,” said Slawomir Chaberek.

Thanks to CARESTREAM PACS clinicians can conduct a study at one location and readily access the results on any computer at another location. The CARESTREAM PACS also supports Tomography, MRI and Ultrasound.

“Carestream Health has helped us increase profitability substantially in terms of productivity in the radiography imaging area,” added Slawomir Chaberek. “Our team can now perform research and consultations in far less time. Whilst I believe that all digital radiography systems are based on the same principles of operation and all systems have similar functionality, Carestream definitely offers the greatest functionality, simultaneously providing the most user friendly interface.”

Adama Gracy Hospital is the only facility in Poland to house divisions specialising in Pelvic Damage and Pathology and Tuberculosis Bone - Cartilage. Its hospital departments treat 11,000 adults and children every year and specialist clinics for adults and children treat approximately 44,500 people annually. One of the main priorities is to constantly improve the quality of health care services provided by highly qualified medical staff.

“We tested radiography systems from other manufacturers and based our decision on functionality and intuitiveness,” concluded Slawomir Chaberek. “Cooperation was impeccable, the training and installation proceeded skilfully and fast. Carestream has demonstrated professionalism and skill of individual approach to customers at all times. We are very pleased with the system, the quality of services and the impact it has had on our productivity.”

Source: Carestream Health, Inc.